Hoops Life Basketball

A systematic approach to the development of youth through basketball - building a support system for the coaches and communities we serve.

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inspiring youth, developing athletes, building leaders and engaging communities

Engaging Communities – We build relationships with the goal of connecting people and working together - assisting in the growth of the communities we serve.

Developing Youth – We use basketball as a tool to motivate and inspire young players to want to be the best they can be, both on and off the court.

Building Future Leaders – We use our platform to engage and motivate young players and coaches to get involved in the process of learning how to positively affect change in the lives of young people for generations to come.  

core values

Our Core Values


Our coaches are role models to all, and we conduct ourselves in a respectful manner which directly influence the respectful behaviors of our athletes. To disagree is a common, but in HOOPSLife we take pride in having the respect to understand one another, and communicate with each other, instead of assuming negative intent.


Our coaches plan our sessions to assist players in achieving personal and collective goals. We educate our athletes on having high integrity in everything we do. We make our plans, and we follow through on our objectives. Our athletes receive a first hand experience of integrity from our coaches and how to apply this fundamental life skill to everything they do.


WE not ME. Within HOOPSLife, we promote a sense of community by taking the time in getting to know one another. We provide each other with an ear to listen, a word of encouragement, a hand to help, and a sense of togetherness. Our community is our home, and the HOOPSLife program takes an active approach in benefiting our community and its families.


HOOPSLife players are encouraged to share their opinions and grow as leaders from both sport, and social perspectives. We all grow in maturity and confidence at different stages, thus, our approach is to assist players in understanding leadership; how to be a leader, and what it is to be led; creating an environment which allows them the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities.


Teaching our athletes to be self-aware is the key to helping them identify what they need to do, to get to where they want to go. Reflective practice is an integral part of all HOOPSLife programs. Coaches utilize self-reflection techniques, through conversations with fellow coaches, to develop high levels of personal awareness. Which is a vital part in understanding how to assist youth to be self-aware.


The backbone of what brings our values together. Our coaches follow a process of daily communication on Self-awareness, the planning processes, Integrity of our actions, and reflective practice. We inject communication huddles into all our sessions, and we encourage communication in every part of our organization. The plan is never to be perfect in HOOPSLife. The plan is to prepare, then execute, find the areas of improvement and adjustment, communicate that to everyone in our group, and then make a new plan - starting over again.

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